Get Deliverables to Clients Faster, Using Fewer Hours

Grow – even when the growing gets tough – with smart, simple, secure technology that sets all your people up for productivity, everywhere.

Fast file access, everywhere

Whether your teams are working in different offices, or from their kitchen table, Panzura lets everyone work as if they're under the same roof.

Turbo-charge AutoCAD file open times. Work across sites on Revit models without overwriting each other. 

Just ask the firms who have saved hundreds of hours of productive, billable hours every year, just through speeding up file open times for Revit, Civil 3D and other CAD files.

Panzura - the fastest, smartest, toughest global cloud file system on the planet
File In Use - File Locking

No more overwriting, anywhere

With Panzura, once someone opens a file anywhere, it's locked for editing everywhere. No more accidental overwrites, or versions your IT team needs to merge later - just solid productivity.

And, it's not just complete files that lock. If you're using applications that offer byte or element locking (like Revit), it works with Panzura. 

Work collaboratively, everywhere

When you're trying to work together on a project, you need to know what's happening to files and data sets now.    

When you have Panzura, file changes made anywhere are immediately visible everywhere. It doesn't matter how many locations you have, or where they are, if your users need the latest file, they have it.

Immediate global file consistency - Panzura

Become ransomware-proof

Panzura protects your files in multiple ways. Military-grade encryption so if they're intercepted, they can't be read. Immutable data, so ransomware attackers can't change your files.

Lightweight snapshots, so you can restore files, folders or your entire file system to a "last change" point in time. And, a complete view of who's doing what with your files and when.

And, save up to 70% on the total cost of ownership of traditional storage

Between Panzura's ability to consolidate data from multiple sites into the cloud, while intelligently stripping out duplicates, and making your data just about bulletproof without making copies for backup and disaster recovery, you end up managing a single authoritative data source.

And, that's a data source that's protected, resilient, durable and accessible in real time, at enterprise speed, from anywhere.

Limitlessly scalable cloud - Panzura
We've been able to get our deliverables to our clients quicker, using less man hours. If that's not a statement for ROI, I don't know what is. Clay Pilkilton, Director IT Security & Infrastructure - M&S Engineering
You only do one thing as an engineering firm. You create data. You create drawings and spec books. Don't you want that to be on the best solution out there? Eric Quinn, CTO - C&S Companies
Speed and team productivity are critical to delivering world-class billion-dollar designs for our customers. With Panzura, we deployed one global cloud file system across all sites... dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line. Henrik Carlberg, Business CIO - AFRY

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