Download our Distributed File Locking White Paper

From our inception, Panzura understood that file locking is critical to delivering local NAS features from globally-distributed storage. Storage companies are discovering that providing an elegant, seamless, and robust globalized cloud storage solution that closely mimics a local NAS user experience is far from trivial, especially if trying to retrofit systems not designed for cloud storage. This paper describes Panzura’s unique ability to provide global storage with local NAS attributes through deep integration of distributed locking into the very fabric of our global file system.

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Milwaukee Tool Realizes Collaboration Solution for Sharing Large CAD Files Between Global Offices

Join Milwaukee Tool leaders – Eric Hanson, VP of IT and Business Optimization, Alan Musser, Supervisor, Systems Engineering, and Craig Mueller, IT Director – as they discuss their global cross-site collaboration challenges for their PLM initiatives and how Panzura was the "game changer" they needed to create "a global organization that is now virtually working in the same room."

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